about this course

Welcome to Florabeane Floral Arranging!

This course was created to accompany my 2019 Masterclass Pure Romance Studio Florabeane (available to subscribers only). Artists created 50-70 paper flower stems in that course, and what you are about to see is how I instructed them on arrangements. With just over an hour of instruction, I will walk you through two exciting lessons: arranging your flowers in a vessel using a pin frog, and creating a hand-held bouquet.

You will learn about:

  • the visual weight of objects
  • leading lines
  • varying planes
  • bundling
  • the Fibonacci sequence

Supplies needed: For the arrangement you will want wire cutters, a pin frog (available here - use code WORKSHOP) and a vessel. For the bouquet you need waxed floral tape.

This course is close captioned.

Examples of those who completed the course

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