Crepe Paper Doublette Ball Dahlia

filmed live on Instagram

This course was filmed in front of a live Instagram audience. It is captioned (find the CC button on the video player to enable).

It uses German doublette crepe paper.

Due to the informal nature of this course, you may find yourself with extra questions. Please feel free to ask! Each segment has a comment section, and you can email me also.

The pricing for this course is Pay What Works, meaning choose the price that works for you.

Your Instructor

Amity Katharine Libby
Amity Katharine Libby

I am the owner of flower and jane, a creative paper design studio in Maine specializing in botanical paper sculpture. I have a Master of Science in education and a BA in interdisciplinary fine arts.

Course Curriculum

  Doublette Ball Dahlia
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What is pay what works? You pay what works for you.

And if that is free that’s ok.

Now, as much as ever, creative agencies and single person shops are pivoting to find a way to keep on.

For me, I’m grateful to people who contribute to my studio, and I want to uplift those who can’t. This pay what works model was a total borrow from @arohaknits - someone you can aspire to be like if you’re truly seeking to transform your creativity.

Pay what works, or take it as you need. Let me know how it works for you.

Several months ago I asked the community to donate to a special cause, and a bit behind my why and my ask. I shared a story of heading up the interstate in my early twenties with a broken heart and no money for the tolls. And the lady at the booth paid my toll and gave me money for all the tolls to get to my destination.

So if you wonder why I’m okay with “free” or asking for things right now it’s because someone took care of it. Or will take care of it.

That’s the love currency. Use it abundantly! This is an informal course and you should pay what works for you.


What’s the difference between my formal and informal courses and why are the informal ones offered pay what works and not the formal courses?

First, formal courses are priced at what the final product can be listed at for sale. So many people ask how to price flowers. This helps, knowing that with what you put in, you can get out (with practice and any idea at all of your margins, you can’t price paper flowers fairly for sale if you are not buying your materials wholesale).

Informal courses are my creative explorations I’m sharing from a studio perspective and to a live Instagram audience, and people who want to learn and play, not necessarily sell professionally. I talk differently and greet people and answer and ask questions and tell more stories.

Formal courses have a supply list always. Informal courses you have to observe what I use.

Formal courses have a review process. People make the products in the course and give me feedback on how to improve the experience for all learners. If you don’t care for the informal course, I’m fine with it. It’s like a sandbox. The castle might not be the best but making it is the fun part. In a formal course I’m giving you the architectural plans for that castle.

Formal courses have either templates, bonus content, or manuals.

Informal courses are free hand and free-wheeling.

Formal courses are presented wide screen and look great on a big screen.

Informal courses are vertical and look good on your phone.

This is an informal course and you should pay what works for you.

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