Free Graphics for Paper Florists


Course Curriculum

What is this project?

Amity created the hashtag #papernotpicked on Instagram and to celebrate the use of it by so many around the world she created free graphics with Vanessa to give to the community.

There are 8 versions, with four different figures, in both color and black and white. Choose your own for yourself.

About the creators

Amity Libby of flower and jane

photo by Casandra Sutter

Most of you know me as Amity (formerly Florabeane), from Maine, USA.

I am an artist, a teacher, a farmer and a friend. And....I am in complete awe of the men and women on Instagram, living around the world, who create and share their paper sculptures with us via the #papernotpicked tag-a simple hashtag that I created to share in one succinct phrase "what it is" we paper florists create.

A full time teacher and artist, you can find my courses at and my work for sale at The Good Supply. And of course I am on Instagram with my new handle @flowerandjane.

When asked to describe my style recently, it came to me as natural and messy and abundant. Like myself. The ideas never seem to stop and that can be exhausting sometimes! However, I am learning to work with others, people who have amazing skills, people who can do things I cannot do. And that's exactly how Vanessa and I started our collaboration. I said: "I have this idea..." and she said "I can make that happen."

Vanessa Snyders of Shap! Creative

Hello. I am Vanessa, the owner and founder of Shap! Creative based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I am a floral designer, paper artist, designer, illustrator and nice-things maker with experience in the advertising and creative industry. I have worked on some of the most lucrative global brands for almost a decade but for some reason seem to always come home to making nice things, crafting and creating beautiful imagery, with a particular love for florals. I also specialize in paper flowers and floral arrangements.
As a trained designer, I love to see a vision come to life and enjoy designing, illustrating and creating floral concepts that express the personality, individuality and uniqueness of each client.
You can find me on Instagram @shapcreative or visit my website