Artist Statement & Course Brief

This course is a part of the Still Life: Paper Fruits and Vegetables online course series and debuts February, 2023.

A course kit is available for this course via Petals and Pearls. Sold separately.

It is true that I am only began my paper flower journey in 2020 because of the lockdown and prolonged time spent at home. I accidentally landed into this world of making paper flowers while attempting to make a paper rose as a gift for Mother’s Day. I found my way in this journey and started developing and producing my own designs that were inspired by nature after studying from books and YouTube tutorials, practicing each method, and seeing how rapidly my skills improved.

My best talent is that I can always come up with a means to do whatever I set my mind to. Since I rarely create exactly the same thing twice, even the same flower or fruit are always built using a new method or technique, which allows me to explore new possibilities with each creation.

Like flowers, fruits are joyful to make and are so decorative too, you can put them in a bowl and display them on a table or keep them in a glass cabinet, it’s even more interesting to make fruits that aren’t in season and show them to your guests.

In this course you will learn how to make tangerines. We will start with a simple tangerine, move on to tangerines with little stems and leaves, create peeled tangerines and slices, and then create peels in a variety of forms such as little pieces or completely opened peels. By completing the course you will be able to make a realistic looking bowl of tangerines that is filled with slices, peels and whole tangerines that resembles artistic still life paintings. You can even use the same techniques on other fruits like oranges or grapefruit with a few minor variations in shape and colors.

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