About Parrot Tulips

In the Parrot Tulip section, you'll build on the knowledge presented in the Iris section. The petal shapes are slightly more difficult. You'll be glad you cut so many ferns-you'll be ready! I will use alcohol inks to color these with an explanation as to my choice. There will be nine wired petals per flower, all couched and wired with 32 gauge cloth-covered white stem wire. Stems and leaves will be done in green doublette. I will explain why and how tulips curve and how you can achieve that look.

Supplies: This part of the course requires a fold of white doublette, and a fold of leaf/moss doublette, and alcohol inks in Flamingo, Wild Plum, and Sunshine Yellow. In addition you need 16 gauge cloth-covered wire for the stems and 32 gauge cloth-covered wire in white for the petals. You will also need inking supplies such as isopropyl alcohol, brushes, mixing containers, and a surface to ink on such as watercolor paper.

Results: One fold each of white and green makes FIVE tulips.

Substitutions: 180 gram crepe paper is a suitable substitute. Green stem wire is not recommended, as it shows through, on the wired petals. Any variation in coloration is encouraged.

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