About Poppies

In the Poppies section, I will dive into whole-roll dying. This technique will be done with liquid watercolors in three colors, Alizarin Crimson, Yellow Ochre and Hansa Deep Yellow and Sap for the stem and pods. I will share my poppy pod and stamen techniques (my most realistic version of these yet, excited to share!) as well as how I achieve the crinkled look of the poppy petal.

Supplies: This part of the course requires two folds of white doublette, liquid watercolor inks in Alazirin Crimson, Hansa Deep Yellow, Yellow Ochre, and Sap for the stem (all from Hydrus Set 2). I used Dennison paper for the center of the poppy pod, but simple toilet paper works the same. In addition you need 16 gauge cloth-covered wire for the stems. You will also need inking supplies such as water, brushes, mixing containers, and a surface to ink on such as watercolor paper.

Results: One fold dyed poppy colors and one fold dyed green will yield EIGHT paper poppies.

Substitutions: 180 gram crepe paper is a suitable substitute. Any variation in coloration is encouraged.

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