About Peonies

In the Peonies section, I will be showing you how I cut and color peonies using both whole roll dying, and alcohol ink dying to produce realistic and fluffy peonies. Building on the poppy center and stamen technique from the previous lesson, you will make carpels and stamens for the peonies. White doublette will be entirely hand-painted for impactful results.

Supplies: This requires two rolls of white doublette and one roll of leaf/moss doublette, liquid watercolors in Indian Red and Alizarin Crimson from Hydrus Set 2, and alcohol inks in Flamingo Pink and Sunshine Yellow. You will also need 16g cloth covered stem wire and 32g cloth covered stem wire.

Results: Two folds of dyed white and one roll of green will yield two large fluffy peonies.

Substitutions: 180 gram crepe paper is a suitable substitute. Any variation in coloration is encouraged.


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