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From Johanna Oliver, Black Tree Designs:

This course will challenge you but in the best way possible. It's a holistic course that looks at construction all the way to final arrangement. Amazing value considering the invaluable skills that Amity shares which will enhance your paper flower journey. You'll have access to insider secrets, tips, techniques and access to a teacher who goes beyond the classroom to deliver a beautiful all round floral experience

Review each section thoroughly and make notes etc before starting work. This allows you to understand the process but also allows artistic interpretation. Work methodically and most importantly, have fun. If you're unsure, ask!

From Natasha Ourdanos, Bella Paper Flora

If you want to create the most beautiful forever flowers , then #7daybouquet course will take you on an amazing creative journey to obtain that. From the beginning to the end of the course you will learn techniques that are easy to follow and understand to master the most beautiful forever flowers.

Explore your creative capacity by delving into the world of paper flowers. You won’t be sorry.

From Gwen Kamper, Gwendolyn Kamper

I was so excited to be able to review this #7daybouquet course and it did not disappoint! The end results were amazing! As a flower maker with under a year's experience, I think this course would be slightly intimidating for a beginner. That shouldn't stop you if you are a beginner, though.

I like to think that this course is more like a bootcamp. It requires patience and time, but in the end you will be so pleased with the outcome, an absolutely gorgeous 21 stem bouquet! The course starts out relatively easy with making foliage. After that, the real fun begins with making zinnias, lisianthus, garden roses and the most impressive cafe au lait dahlia! At the very end, you will have a beautiful bouquet to admire, and in addition to that, you will have acquired a very impressive skill set for making many more flowers.

This is not a course that you can rush through. It requires some patience. You may get a little frustrated but keep pushing through because in the end, you will be so happy with your bouquet.

From your instructor, Amity Libby:Over seven lessons, you will hand color and hand craft a paper flower bouquet suitable for a wedding, elopement, hostess gift, centerpiece or other special occasion.

In this series you will complete three simple foliages and four flowers for a total of 21 stems, increasing in difficulty. You will spend time conserving your work before arranging.

While the title of this series is #7DAYBOUQUET (hashtag seven day bouquet) - you can take as long as you need between lessons. It is designed for beginners seeking a focused visual learning experience to create a finished paper flower bouquet.

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